Topic: undefined function


I have started noticing this in my error logs on two sites on which I use identical installations of Cutenews v 2.0.3

11-Sep-2017 00:05:49 Europe/Dublin] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function word_truncate() in /**********/Publish/skins/base/dashboard/comments.php on line 16

The referenced line is:

echo '<a target="_blank" href="'.$item[3].'">'.cn_htmlspecialchars(clever_truncate($item[2]['c'])).'</a>';

This has only started happening recently. I have made no changes to the installations.

Anyone any info on this and how to avoid it?

Cheers !

Re: undefined function

In the described case the template behaves strangely. Try to temporarily remove "clever_truncate" from the file


and check how it works.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: undefined function

Hmm... does notwork for me ;d