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Topic: cdata/news problem


Someone delete my news or its was a big bug.. (i don't no because the system logs wasn't on).  So the problem is: i don't see my news in cutenews admin page. No any in the actice or draft. just only one.. the first news in the archives folder(just this was in the archives).. BUT the all news is in the cdata/news folder from the last 4 years.. circa 1000 news files. i checked the so_news.idx, iactive.txt files and just the first news was in.
So have i can reloade my news in the system? i had just a very old backup from 2 years ago..
sorry if my english wasn't clear but i hope is understandable smile

Re: cdata/news problem

Please inform which Cutenews version do you use and check if the news entries are present in 'cdata/news' as the Y-m-d.php (the year-month-day format PHP) file. If they are present, please inform us via the Forum of the file sizes. If the files are present and are big in size, then the problem is in the indexes. It is possible to run re-indexing, but the details are important to be checked first.

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Re: cdata/news problem

Hmm... what is the issue again?