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Topic: Translating the scripts (language)

Hey, I've been looking and trying all the translation instructions, but havent found anything that really works any more.

I want to do a complete translation.

I have no problem editing the php files to achieve this.

But I havent yet found the correct files.

Can anyone give me a push to the correct direction? Where the script pulls out all the english strings?

I want it all translated; show_news.php and admin page also.

Thanks a lot!

Re: Translating the scripts (language)

Dear Stronikka,

The translation is made using the method of function wrapping, for example, i18n('Remember me') is the phrase to be translated and is placed in the file core/news.php

$echo = '<input class="cn_comm_remember" type="checkbox" name="cn_remember_me" value="Y" /> '.i18n('Remember me').' ';

The line with i18n will be translated. To actually translate it, go to the Languages module and insert the starting line "Remember me" and the final line, and save it. Any phase "Remember me" will be translated.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Translating the scripts (language)


But for some reason it doesnt translate lines from show_news.php for web page embedding. I got most of the lines at actual news page translated, but not all - for example contact form texts, Name: , Email: , etc , did not translate.

Is this possible via the localization?

If not, I'd like to understand how the strings are created, because I cant find, for example "Posted on" string anywhere (at least not yet).

Re: Translating the scripts (language)

In your case Name:, Email:, Posted on:, etc. are in the template files in Dashboard > Templates, thus they can be translated from there directly.

Best regards,
CN Support team