Topic: Username and password : how to recover without @ ?

Hi ,
Please say how I can  recover password without e-mail (recovery form),  seems I forgot to include @ and forgot the password...I have 2 th @ and none exists - says CuteNews, so I think I forgot write it when install.
Could there be a file where I can find it and read ?
CuteNews 2.1.0

Re: Username and password : how to recover without @ ?

You can try the following solution: install a new, clean Cutenews copy to a local (virtual) server, for example, or to a separate folder on an existing host. Provide a new login, email, and a password during the installation.

After the installation is complete, copy files (from the created copy installation) from the folder 'data/users/' into the one that is to be recovered (yet, do not rewrite the file 'users.txt'). Try to log in. If the login has been successful, delete the new copy of Cutenews (if you do not need it anymore).

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