Topic: news in pagina non si vedono

Good morning to you programmers, I had to do a site with webacapella, but this hosting does not contain mysql so for the news I did some research. I found this cutenews, I followed the instructions and I installed it but then I created a pagin with html and I followed this guide that said how to put the news on the page. but it does not work

Alternative content for browsers that do not read iframes.

what should i do?

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Re: news in pagina non si vedono

Try using example.php, that is located in the CN root directory to display news. To add pagination, indicate '$number = 5;' (5 is a number of articles on 1 page) before 'include 'show_news.php';'.

Cutenews will automatically paginate your posts. The code sample:

```$number = 5;
include 'show_news.php';```

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