Topic: Cutenews does not work in php 5.0?

Hi everybody, can you help me?

In my hosting, I am using php5 and I am not able to use the cutenews.

The error is displayed:

syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/storage/c/2a/25/stdesenho/public_html/news/core/core.php on line 300

When I comment this and two other lines to eliminate the error (I confess, without knowing what works) the site appears, but I can not enter my user and password cutenews.

Even when I uncomment the lines or return with the original core file, I still can not log in to cutenews.

Do I need to install some php plugin in my hosting?

Can someone help me?


Re: Cutenews does not work in php 5.0?

It's possible that the problem is not in the given rows and errors, but in the rights to access the files. You can comment out these lines if hosting does not allow the use of design data intended for php version 5.5. Here, UTF-8 characters are converted to HTMLEntities (you can not even use it).

The second problem can consist in errors in the session, in the wrong record of the user in the database. If this is a new CN installation, then try changing the file permissions in cdata to the maximum permissible (777), then reinstalling CN again.

Best regards,
CN Support team

Re: Cutenews does not work in php 5.0?

You can show the news, archives on your page by using some of the following php codes in your page.