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We run CuteNews 2.1.2. On our website's homepage we have a small column in which the last 2 news messages are presented (so number=2). Unfortunately the paginating doesn't look very pretty then as you can see on the image below. So many numbers...

Is this 'works as designed' or am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Paginate problem

When I change number to, for example, 20, paginating looks fine, but that is not what we want, we only want to see 2 messages.

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Re: Paginate problem

I wouldn't say it's wrong, the 2 methods stable/unstable pagination have their ups an downs. I doubt most users care about seeing duplicates. When I see a duplicate it means there is a new post and I want to go to the beginning to read it.

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Re: Paginate problem

Pagination is an ordinal numbering of pages, which is usually located at the top or bottom of the site pages.


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Re: Paginate problem

The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution.


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Re: Paginate problem

The solution work thanks for sharing this detail.

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