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I have setup cutephp on a webserver. The registration, adding and editing news etc were successful. But, whenever I click on a news link, it stays in the home page. It doesn't redirect to the full story. I want to know how to fix it. For setting up cutephp, I referred to … h-apache2/ . I made certain modifications to the configuration files like changing the root directory. I followed all of the steps and registration wasn't much of a problem. Now, when I click on <website>/index.php?id=6, it stays at <website>/index.php and doesn't open the full story. No changes were made to show_news.php . The include lines were:
        $number = 10;
    $only_active = TRUE;
    $static = TRUE;
Now I need to know how to open the full story.

Re: Web integration doesn't work.

In many cases you need it to work with the software you already have in house.  At its core, integration for your website is the glue that will hold your disparate  or sometimes the web interface you have just doesn't do everything you need.
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Re: Web integration doesn't work.

OneSignal prints helpful error messages in your browser's Developer Tools Console when viewing your site with the OneSignal code active. Follow these steps to open the Chrome Developer Tools Console and check for errors on the site:

Open the browser's Developer Tools Console with is F12, or right-click the browser and press "Inspect", or go to "View > Developer > JavaScript Console".
Make sure you are on your website with the OneSignal code enabled.
Subscribe to your website if you have not done so already and check for the following errors:

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Re: Web integration doesn't work.

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Re: Web integration doesn't work.

Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this MyAARPMedicare thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread.

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Re: Web integration doesn't work.

We receive the error when we run the sample project that is built up in github name as " sample-web-app ".
We are developing web app and want that users will participate from browser with their mobile not from mobile application.