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Topic: Paste from Microsoft Word Cutenews does nothing

I have been having trouble with copying and pasting Word documents to Cutenews. Background: could not upgrade Cutenews had to pay extra for hosting earlier version of PHP as seven does not work on my version of Cutenews. I have found that the width of a table has not be recognized by Cutenews.  The document has text content as well as table content.  Now I find that if I just add a table to word and try to copy and paste it to Cutenews the system does not provide anything. If the Word document ver 2016 has a table with textual content Cutenews will display that content in Source view that strips the table content. Workaround, type the data into a Cutenews table. Issue lot of work.  Back to PDF files. Shame that the user needs to use Cutenews as the means to create and publish news when the obvious tool is to use Microsoft Word to produce copy.