Topic: Overview of creating a Cutenews website

Is this correct? I have made a Cutenews driven website. It is working using CKEditor to enter news items. It is not necessary to acesss Cutenews program files, so if that is correct PHP need not be updated?

Re: Overview of creating a Cutenews website

1. Download new CKEditor ( and upload to the /core folder;
2. Download CKFinder plugin here: … e_vignette
    and place CKFinder folder in the Cutenews root;
3. Copy the ckfinder.php file to cdata/plugins/ckfinder.php;
4. Configure CKEditor option in the System Configurations (in Dashboard).

Happy coding and enjoy CuteNews!

Re: Overview of creating a Cutenews website

Hi the issue is that once a user has uploaded their website using the most recent Cutenews they will have a working website ONLY until PHP version X is updated by Cutenews

If Cutenews is not updated websites will crash. As Cutenews uses php and is not at present being updated to PHP 8.  Websites will fail.