Topic: I want to know about Authors email

I am tring to find a way to get rid of that function as i do not want to have them able to send emails from there and always just click away to spam emails. I have purchased the full thing and would like to find a way to edit the coding to not put there email or take away that function from cutenews as it will not work for what i am going for on here.. Thanks FMC4ME Sign On

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Re: I want to know about Authors email

It sounds like you have purchased a software called Cutenews, which has a feature that allows users to send emails, but you want to remove this feature as it is not relevant for your use case and could result in spam emails being sent.

To remove this feature, you will need to edit the code of the Cutenews software. The exact steps to do this will depend on the specific codebase and programming language used by Cutenews, so you may need to consult the documentation or seek help from a developer familiar with the software.  Sanford My Chart