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Topic: Help with PHP 8.2

Hi I have searched and know there is a problem with this but don't see an answer.  I have used CuteNews for 5 years now with very few if no problems.  My Hosting company just upgraded me to PHP 8.2 and of course now my CuteNews does not work.  So 5 years of articles can not be found (Also any other page where I have integrated it to also does not work, so had to pull it off each of those pages).

Is there any solution or hope so I don't have to find something else and start from scratch? Since I can't gert in not sure but I think I am using 2.0.3

Thanks (crossing my fingers),

Re: Help with PHP 8.2

ok finally found a solution thatms to ljacqu.  He posted on github.  I tried the changes and it seems to work fine.  So go to https://github.com/CuteNews/cutenews-2.0/pull/19 and try it.

Again thanks to ljacqu