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Topic: [FAQ] Having a <<Back in your Full Story

Just simply by adding the code below to your Full Story template you could simply have a <<Back button in your full story.

All you have to do is copy and paste this code of mine:

<div align="right">
[url=java script:history.back(1)]<<Back[/url]

Please be sure that javascript is written in one word and not as "java script"!
Just like that and you would need to copy this code of mine just before the last </table>

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Re: [FAQ] Having a <<Back in your Full Story


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Re: [FAQ] Having a <<Back in your Full Story

I'm not quite sure, but </a> would be nice too  smile
And people don't HAVE to copy it before </table>, it just that it looks best in there, and only if your using default template  tongue

So how about it now do you Find okay right now or not.