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Hello everyone, today I installed the program but I have encountered the following problem:
I'm going to Options -> Integration Wizards -> Integrate news on your site. This brings me to a page that says: Integration News Assistant
This page, in the end, have a dialog that says "proceed to integration" and I give more to integrate page does not change me, which does not generate the code you need.
Anyone can help me?
I will be very grateful regards.

im not too sure, the only way i can think of doing that is making it so that comments have to be approved first.


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I've restored alot of the old content onto CuteMod, along with some new stuff. May be useful if you wanna check it out:

wasnt there a mod called x-fields that can do this?


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I appreciate the updated version, thanks guys. I do have suggestions on improvements though, were do I post these? John

post suggestions here:

Could the problem be in this part of the code?

        <div id="main-content">
            <div id="feature-content">

That </div> is closing the main content section, so it means all of the code below that might not be appearing. Try removing that div tag or moving it before <div id="main-content"> and see if it works

might need to check the chmod of your upload folder via FTP, i think it should be set to 777 to allow you to upload files to it through cutenews

the way i use multiple includes is the create external pages with the news in and then include them (for example main.php could have your main category included and sidebar.php could have additional news, then you use php includes for the individual pages in the specific parts of your page)

I would like a little program that comes with it. This program is a template builder. So it's easier to build templates.

I just make em in dreamweaver and copy over the code