Try this

with a single page index.php switch between to templates
get the vars from the url.

$page_alias= $_GET['seite'];
$template= $_GET['vorlage'];
$category = $_GET['kategorie'];
$number = 1;

create 2 templates:

Name: full

[url={category}&vorlage=short]back to short story[/url]

[url={category}&seite={page_alias}&vorlage=full]go to full-story[/url]

name: short

[url={category}&seite={page_alias}&vorlage=short]back to short story[/url]

[url={category}&seite={page_alias}&vorlage=full]go to full-story[/url]

It's a custom template, only showing the title

[b][link]{category}: {title}[/link][/b]

It redirects to public_html/nieuws.php, but it should be public_html/pagina/nieuws.php

Not tested:


Do you want show the full-story into a new page?

Hello everybody!

I'm looking for a solution: where can I change the [link] destination?
I'm running on the latest version of CN.

I saw someone on this forum saying you can edit it in "core.php";
but that doesn't exist anymore.

Any help is appreciated.

The template var?

[link] .. [/link]    Will generate a permanent link to the full story

can u write an examples, plz. i not for sure where i must use this codes

I think there have not a only cutenews solution so you must found a way with java script:

Why do want use post of today?

blank page

In your Template:

<div>your content</div>

DOM manipulation with Javascript

in clear text:

if {day} != getDay()


I wondering how can i show only today news on one page. And yesterday news on another.
I found only $number, but it shows only some numbers of posts. I need only post what was posted today

Hello astral4ik,

what happens when today no post are posted?

greetings perry

Hello Support Team,

My RSS Feed dosen't work:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 13 at column 78: EntityRef: expecting ';'
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

What can i do?

I couldn't upgrade to 2.0.3 from 2.0.2. Pity as there is supposed to be an important security upgrade in 2.0.3. I had trouble upgrading from 1.4.6 I must have spent a week, waste of time. Support has not responded to my recent posts. You might have different issues to mine in the detail.  If you search the forum using my username you may have something to go on.

it works for me so

:: install 2.0.3
:: delete the folder:cdata
:: copy the cdata folder from 2.0.2 into 2.0.3

greetings perry


i would like to manually rearrange the additional fields,
in which file i find the data?

greetings perry

Hey Everyone,

I'm using CuteNews 2.0.3 and have 3 additional fields.

All three fields are images with names, NewsImage, NewsImage2, NewsImage3

The only one that is required is NewsImage.  The other two are optional.

I can get the first one to work with this code in the template.

<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain' style='height:200px;white-space:pre;overflow:auto'>
<div class="post-image">
  <div class="img-thumbnail"> 
    <img class="img-responsive" src="{NewsImage}">

I can't figure out how to get the others to show when it's in use.

Any help?


Hello Gary,

try this:

[if {image-0}][img]{image-0}[/img][/if]
[if {image-1}]<img src={image-1} />[/if]
[if {image-2}]<img src={image-2} />[/if]


how to list the first page_alias/title from a category?

greetings perry


    function first_page_title($cat){
    include_once ('cutenews/core/init.php');
    $news = cn_get_news();
    foreach( $news[0] as $nid => $n ) {
        if($n[c]== $cat){
                 echo $n['pg'];
 * [url=<?php first_page_title(]"><h1>works</h1>[/url]


how to list the first page_alias/title from a category?

greetings perry

I went ahead and tried the solution with js to change the category afterwards and it works pretty well. One downside is, though, that using pagination looks odd when you apply an external filter as can only remove elements - not get more than what you already specified per page in the cutenews call. I guess that is not an issue with your solution as you call cutenews again for each filter and get served a brand new page each time.

Content filter without JS:

I got some advice on StackOverflow saying I could use something like this:

I'll try it out and report back if anyone else should be interested in something similar. The isotope JS is pretty neat in terms of dynamic filtering.

i use this php script to filtering the categories:

$category = $_GET["kategorie"];
$page_alias = $_GET["seite"];
$template= $_GET["vorlage"];


my navigation(static):

     * [url=]eins[/url]

      * [url=]zwei[/url]

      * [url=]drei[/url]

I don't need a unique class. I need the class to follow the categories so I can apply filtering on the entries once they are added to my page. This would also allow me to style each category differently without using multiple cutenews calls.

To clarify what I am trying to do, I would like to use the "isotope" framework for both arranging my entries and filtering them on my homepage.
and for this I need to be able to have some way of attributing the same class to items belonging to the same category. I have it working now, but only for items with 1 category assigned to them. As soon as I add more cutenews prints the categories in a way that ruins everything (as described above).

I can't quite see how {page_alias} works? If I add it to my .tpl nothing happens. It just prints {page_alias}? Is there any documentation on how to use it?

I am willing to edit the php-scripts behind cutenews to get this working, but I have searched through all files and I can't find anywhere where the comma is added, so I can change it and append a "cat" in front and a "space" after each printed catogory when using {category-id}.

If you use multiple categories a comma is set for each categories,
but you can delete the commas with js like this:

I am trying to use the {category-id} tag to set CSS classes for each entry, but I have a hard time finding the place in the php code where I change it. Currently, if you add {category-id} to a .tpl template, it will print the associated categories as "1,2,3,5,12" i.e. a sequence only delimited by a comma.

What I would like to do is to have each entry posted using a template file looking somehting like (simplified):
<div class="{category-id}">{title}{short-story}</div>

but you can't have commas in a class declaration in CSS, so I need to change what is being printed. Ideally the code would add some prefix in front of the category number and a space after the number, so I would get somehing like this in my final HTML output, when I use the above code from the .tpl:
<div class="cat1 cat2 cat3 cat5 cat12">Title - Some short story</div>

Where do I find the code that adds the comma to the {category-id} when used in a .tpl file to write my HTML?


to have a unique class-name you can use the {page_alias} var



Try using this code.

include ('cutenews / core / init.php');
$Categories = cn_get_categories (true);
print_r ($categories);

cn_get_categories () is the function of a core, and therefore by default in the implicit argument display of the listing category depends on the level of user access. In this case, you might be logged in with Chrome, but not with Safari / Firefox.

Hello supportTeam,

thank you for the solution!

now i'm able to create a dynamic navigation.

Hello supportTeam,

with this code i try to list all categories:

include ('cutenews/core/init.php');
$categoryes= cn_get_categories();

chrome 41.0 output:

Array ( [1] => Array ( [name] => preise [memo] => Preise [icon] => [acl] => [parent] => 0 [level] => 0 [ac] => Array ( [0] => 13 [1] => 14 ) )..........

count($categoryes) output:12

with Safari / Firefox the output:


count($categoryes) output:0

i do not unterstand why?

#Navigation and subnavigation

with this code all categories and titles are listed:


include ('cutenews/core/init.php');
foreach($categoryes as $id=>$cat) {

echo " * [url=?kategorie=$cat[name]]".$cat[name]."[/url]

$news = cn_get_news( array( 'cfilter' => array( $id ) ) );
foreach( $news[0] as $nid => $n ) {

echo " * [url=$cat[name]&seite=$n[pg]]".$n['pg']."[/url]



How create an navigation and subnavigation with nested categories?

No it is not irrelevant! I used Firefox instead and could drag and paste the image to my news article. But there was no button or option labelled INSERT.

PS. I couldn't centre the image in CKEditor. Right clicking opens a Properties box but there is only Align left, right, or not set.  I suppose that is because center has been deprecated. I had to use

style=" display: block; margin: 0 auto;"

Style your page with CSS:

Inline in your template or external with an separate css file.

This is the button to insert images:


I am trying to insert an image into a post. I have found that it seems that one must use Media Manager to upload the image. The image is there but there is no option to INSERT it. I have tried dragging it, that doesn't work.

Doers anyone know how to do this?  Stuck

This maybe completely irrelevant I am using IE 8 under XP Pro.

Add News / Edit news: Ckeditor

Click on Image Symbol -> Browse Server -> Media Manger opens -> choice your Photo, click on it -> save your news.

Is it possible to use this HTML 5 player on cute news? anyone know where i would have to add the lines of javascript?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

#Video Gallery

I use this code in my templates to include the basic html5 video player:

<ul class="video">
 [if {video_0}] * <video src="{video_0}" controls preload="none"></video>
 [if {video_1}] * <video src="{video_1}" controls preload="none"></video>
 [if {video_2}] * <video src="{video_2}" controls preload="none"></video>
 [if {video_3}] * <video src="{video_3}" controls preload="none"></video>

Well the issue is that CKeditor does not unjustify text. Left, centre and right align work but text that is accidentally justified is stuck on that setting. I have checked this and can confim that there is a bug.

#Clean the text

CKeditor -> SourceCode Button: delete all styling <Tags> in the raw text ?

Hi Perry. Thanks for the link to It will take a while to get to use it. My website is online:  Visit My Website

What part of the site would you like to style?