Welcome to the CuteNews

CuteNews is a FREE, powerful and easy-to-use news management system based on flat files as a storage with quick installation, search function, file upload management, backup & restore, IP banning, permission levels supporting, flood protection and many more. Moreover Cutenews is UTF-8 fully compatible system.

View project on GitHub Download Cute News 2.1.2 zip (2.06 Mb) 26.04.2018

Contribute to CuteNews

CuteNews is an open-source project because our goal is to make it grow into an extensive news management system that caters to needs of most users. Reaching that goal requires input from as many people as possible, and there should be no obstacles for those willing to contribute.

Why should I contribute?

Every person has a unique viewpoint, and every approach to a problem is equally valid. We believe that anyone can make something better, and that everyone should be able to benefit from each other's unique strengths and abilities. At any time, a line of code written by just one person can change the lives of millions, and we strongly believe this change will be for the better.

How do I contribute?

We are using GitHub, and you should have a Git console client installed on your machine.