Welcome to the CuteNews

CuteNews is a FREE, powerful and easy-to-use news management system based on flat files as a storage with quick installation, search function, file upload management, backup & restore, IP banning, permission levels supporting, flood protection and many more. Moreover Cutenews is UTF-8 fully compatible system.

View project on GitHub Download Cute News 2.1.2 zip (2.06 Mb) 26.04.2018

Upgrading Instructions

  1. Attention! Please make a backup copy of your existing cutenews folder before downloading or upgrading to the new version.
  2. If you upgrade from Cutenews 1.5.0b, 1.5.1, 1.5.2 to 1.5.3, please while copying files from zip do not copy cdata. It deletes your previous data.

Installation variants for the version:

How to install or upgrade from 1.4.x or 1.5.x to v2.0


  1. To install a new version of CuteNews you are recommended to back up old codes and after it delete the following data:
    • the server folders: core, inc, migrate, skins
    • also the files from the root folder: register.php, update_cutenews.php, router.php, migrate_to_latest.php, example1.php, example2.php, cn_friendly_url.php (if it exists)

    Do not change cdata and uploads.

    In case you made changes in skins, you should restore them from the backup. For instance, if there was a special style for a skin (our_style.skin.php), it should be added to the new folder 'skins'. Any change in skins should be re-written.

  2. Then unpack the files stored in zip to the place where the previous version of Cutenews was and update the administrator page. It's recommended to make Logout before updating CuteNews.

  3. There should appear an installation page where you can see the information about available folders for writing. The installation will end when all the folders will be available for this.

  4. Enter the administrator data (even if you've done it before you should create the account again in case of installation or migration).

  5. If everything is done correctly, a welcome page appears. Click on 'Maintenance'. Here you should point the right path to the old codes of CuteNews. The path should correspond with the existing one, so you can pay attention to this filed only in case CuteNews was installed in a different from the old version folder.

    Choose the encoding hat is used in the older version. In most cases it's UTF-8 except 1.4.x. You can check the encoding pressing 'Preview'. But in this case you should know an ID with nonstandard symbols (not ASCII). For this:

    • If the old version refers to 1.4.x, you can find an ID in the file ./data/news.txt, in the beginnings of the lines.
    • If the old version refeers to 1.5.x, you can find an ID in the file ./cdata/news.txt.

    If while clicking Preview the article is shown with the correct encoding, put ticks at every checkbox and click 'Do Convert'.

    You can convert by separate parts to avoid timeout errors.

Clean installation.

Installation is performed by the same algorithm as the migration (1-4 items).