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Topic: Website Design Layout


Is a large header bad for SEO?

I see other web designers doing it but I have read that it's not best for SEO.

Please see my website:

Web Design Sussex

SEO Sussex

I would appreciate feedback on the large header but also my general layout.

It's a WordPress built site.


Steve Cummins

Re: Website Design Layout

yes lareg header are not the best way to design. It relates to what Google call "above the fold".

See this article http://searchengineland.com/google-updates...eavy-ads-183929

Re: Website Design Layout

Large header will not look good at all. If your getting trouble in  designing website then you can consult www.hjmt.com as they also do website and graphics designing apart from public relations.

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Re: Website Design Layout

It's one thing to know how to build a Web layout, but it's something else to know the rules behind designing a layout that works. The first thing you do when you design a Web page is you start with a blank page and you place elements on that page.Responsive web design is a way of creating websites that attempts to future proof your designs by creating a style sheet that is specific to different resolutions and widths. Responsive design doesn't have to be extremely complicated. what you should consider for three different versions of the same site and how to set them up in the CSS and HTML. if you want to more information click here.

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Re: Website Design Layout

Your site looks good. Large headers reduce the available on frontpages. See thiς Wall Decoration

Re: Website Design Layout

Yes big headers are not good for your site.

Re: Website Design Layout

If your website provides SEO services, should not you know whats "best practice" for Google?

Re: Website Design Layout

octopustechsol why did you refer to WordPress  and then provide a link to Magento?

Re: Website Design Layout

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Re: Website Design Layout

i saw the site as you said it is not good one for seo and it looks good but it is not professional and not perfect one for digital approach, header should be placed with fields and icons, if a user visits site header and banner gives good impression and it should be user friendly. delta emulator thank you

Re: Website Design Layout

YES, as you said it not good for seo and if you want to do seo for a site it should be user frienly. just make things in related to seo. just visit https://cinemahdapkapp.com/cinema-apk-pc/

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Re: Website Design Layout

it depends on the site and niche, some times it is bad some time it is ok. most of the time we try to keep header medium.
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Re: Website Design Layout

You can use large header, just make sure it is mobile compatible. See this website https://morpheustvs.com/cinema-hd-apk/ for an idea.