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Topic: Duplicate posts in Cutenews

Hi Stuck on this one. I have a category "let hand side" and it has started to generate duplicate entries. Initially I found that one post was appearing in two different locations. I removed that post and that left duplicate entries. I did not make any multi category entries.  The posts are in a single column on the left hand side of my Home page.  www.southwickwilts.co.uk It may have to do with copying and pasting from MS Word.

update I have been trying all sorts of variations eg, making new categories for the ones that might be at fault. I do not have duplicate posts now but the post September Minutes also displays in the left hand column.  If I type anything into that category using CKEditor it also appears in the left hand column! So its not the copy from a Word file that is the issue, although something might have damaged CuteNews (2.0.2) from the Word file.

UPDATE;  I have solved the second part of the issue now - that is duplication of the Sept Minutes. I have a small box above the main content for the left hand side. At present it is a place holder for a category news stcky.  I had inadvertantly erased the $category setting. Once I added a $category the duplicate post disappeared.  I hope this post has been usefull smile

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Re: Duplicate posts in Cutenews

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Re: Duplicate posts in Cutenews

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Thank you for making them aware about the duplicate post
Hope they solve this as soon as possible.

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