The login page is available only after installing CuteNews v2.0+, after creating the admin account. The old version (1.4.6) is available here if you need to extract the missing templates.

Try using example.php, that is located in the CN root directory to display news. To add pagination, indicate '$number = 5;' (5 is a number of articles on 1 page) before 'include 'show_news.php';'.

Cutenews will automatically paginate your posts. The code sample:

```$number = 5;
include 'show_news.php';```

All values for the additional fields are stored in MF as an associative array, where the key is responsible for the field name.

Sorry about that. The version number has been fixed in the new installation file. This is not critical since the version is used only to check for new versions.

Please describe the problem with creating an administrative account v2.1.2 in more detail. For a successful installation, all the directories required by 'Permission check'  (see it on the right) must be green. If this is the case, then try changing '<?php echo PHP_SELF;?>'  to the  '#' symbol in skins/base/install.php and try installing again.

To save all the data, follow the instruction

Download 1.4.6 by following the link

Thank you for your kind feedback!

To do this, you can use templates and additional fields. Enter the template for showing active news and add placeholders for additional fields, which were added to the system configurations. This way, you can create you own title and your own fields with the necessary data.


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Check if the Upload folder has the necessary chmod access rights: for example, 775 or 777 (in case 775 doesn't suit).

It's really strange as the conf.php file can be saved only by users with admin rights in special cases like changing categories. Try the following actions: edit the core/core.php file, where the function is setoption($opt_name, $var) for the string

$fx = fopen($dest, 'w+');
fwrite($fx, "<?php die(); ?>\n" . base64_encode(serialize($cfg)) );
fclose($fx); rename($dest, $fn);

Comment out all the lines so that the config file can't be saved.

// $fx = fopen($dest, 'w+');
// fwrite($fx, "<?php die(); ?>\n" . base64_encode(serialize($cfg)) );
// fclose($fx); rename($dest, $fn);

If the problem persists, please inform us.

In templates, it is possible to use such redirects as [if {my_checkbox_name}]Yes[/ if], instead of {my_checkbox_name}.

In this case, Y will be redirected to Yes.

Unfortunately, there is no such function in CuteNews. In this version of CuteNews, news can be sorted only by a number of comments ($sortby = 'comments').


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Please specify when the page reloads if there's a message about a wrong password or login. Perhaps, it's up to your browser cache.    After reloading the page, try refreshing the page with Ctrl + F5.

As one of the options, you can fix the layout for the template Active News. By default, there is
<div style="width: 100%; margin-bottom:30px;">
Change it for the structure
<div style="width: 100%; padding: 10px; display: inline-block; width: 250px; vertical-align: top">
In this case, the news will go as a block with width of 250 pixels (you can write any other number, including percentage), vertically aligned.

Sorting is made in the lexicographical order: the numbers are sorted as characters, it turns out that 0 goes before 1, but 2 is less than 10, since the comparison is done lexicographically, by characters, not by numbers.


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Change the string of the file ckfinder/config.php

if (isset($_COOKIE['session']) && $_COOKIE['session'])



Smileys titled as numbers aren't allowed in CN. To correct it, please edit the file core/news.php

Change the string from

if (preg_match_all('/\:([a-z_]+?)\:/i', $template, $ct, PREG_SET_ORDER))


if (preg_match_all('/\:([a-z0-9_]+?)\:/i', $template, $ct, PREG_SET_ORDER))

Alternatively, use alphabetical symbols.


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CuteNews can't work with MySQL store data. Only a flat database can be used as it makes databases easily transferrable.

Please edit your code core/news.php, line 20:

$nice = '';


$nice = [];

Please specify the error message you've got while moving a backup file. To move files to a new web server, it's enough to copy all the files.

To sort your field names from A to Z, please edit the file core/modules/dashboard.php

Before the code

cn_assign('list', $list);

paste this code



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To recover your password using your login, create a file in the root directory for your website. For example, the code for admin_reset_password.php will be

<?php require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/core/init.php';
$_SESSION['user'] = '<you_username>'; echo "OK"; ?>

Then access this file via the web browser by typing you_site/admin_reset_password.php

Please specify where the Additional URL is inserted. What is meant by the News widget? Is it a list of news in the administrative panel or something else? Kindly send us screenshots.

Please try this string:
echo substr_count('A,B,C,D', ',');

Please use this code string:
if (!empty($entry['mf']['og_image'])) echo '<meta property="og:image" content="'.$entry['mf']['og_image'].'" />';

To do this, you should use additional fields to insert a photo there.

To add a new field, go to Dashboard> Additional fields, select the type 'Image / Resource', the og_image name, for example. Then click 'Add / Replace field'.

When editing the news, a new og_image field will appear, with which you can select an image for the article. Then, as in the previous case, you can add this string to the <head> section
if (! empty ($ entry ['mf'] ['og_image']))) echo '<meta property = "og: image" content = "'. $ entry ['mf'] ['og_image']. '" /> ';


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Sadly, sorting by title isn't supported in the current version.