It basically gives the user neat ways of formatting text (tables, links, whatever), making paragraphs as appropriate and leaves any html alone smile

The Markdown plugin supplied in AJ-Fork does exactly what you want.

Adding Markdown (which is a presentation-only filter) to cutehack wouldn't be a bad idea, really.'

It's stand-alone, so you only need to include the file then run Markdown($news_content);

And where and how would you display this info? Cutenews isn't wordpress. Cutenews doesn't control your site so you can pop up all sorts of info everywhere...

Stra,Dec 20 2004, 04:17 PM wrote:

mysql support

i think mysql db is best way to store datas on web. with more security. some one can download your datas on the text file by using a web-site-download program . (like backstreet downloader) user just have to write cutenews directory,than all of datas on his computer . but anyone can't download sql file from mysql database smile

mysql is hardly the best way. pgsql is far superiour tongue

private message system

lol i know cutenews is just a news/blog entryies system but users want to send private messages between them  . i think communication is important . isn't it ?

Far outside the scope of cutenews ;-)

News Votes Section

i think it  should be easy to do . voting system should be like this : system have to  got two buttons to wote . "bad" and  "good" sections.and votes can be store in a file. so what can we do with this sections ? we will create a button to call news what are them get "good" points . it will be a good idea, so we can read old and good news easly. smile

Please elaborate...

advanced members page

i  wrote it before in other forums. can a standart member change about somethings for himself? i think it is a good idea . for example i will write my favourite books for this mount in my info than guests can see this in my info . isn't it good ?
it is okey for now i think. i got lots of ideas,but i haven't got php knowledge to make this ideas on scripts smile

Fine and dandy, but what does this have to do with newsposting?



(1 replies, posted in Hacks & Tricks / FAQ)

Another method is reading up on how the different format plugins work and, say use "Markdown" (which is default in Ajfork 168). What you do to get a pure linebreak when using Markdown is adding a few " " (spaces) to the end of the line wink

Get some understanding of the cutenews license GPL, then copy everything you damn well please, provided you follow the instructions given in the license. (Basically, any improvements you make to the codebase should be submitted back to cutenews, and the GPL license has to be included in your script with reference to the cutephp name, author(flexer) and url.)

You could just as well use xhtml 1.1 - anything below that gets served as tag soup anyway ;P

No, sorry, the plugin interface and new imagemanager needs atleast a non-ancient version of php. Can't let Debian hinder our progress like they hinder their own ;P - Debian sarge is about to become stable anyway, and that has 4.3.9. If your host doesn't upgrade to sarge when that time comes, I suggest you find a better host...

Many of the plugins are vendor-supplied (ie me), the rest are actively maintaned by others. Flexer has stated he doesn't want to implement plugin support, in the past, though that might have changed. Not sure what he's got planned, but I guess he's as short on time as I am.

As for the validation, I think I was thinking of <div>s, not images wink
all xhtml 1.1 tag-soup&#153;

I don't _quite_ see the difference between plugins and modules. Plugins can also be maintained and distributed by anyone, and installing them is as simple as dropping them in your plugins directory - or even using the built-in plugin-updater in the admin interface if your server allows it wink

I think you'll find I've gone to great lengths to introduce css-customization / more semantic code for aj-fork tongue It's not perfect yet, but I've seen people do wicked things by editing the default skin css wink

I think you should drop the <p> around short story btw... any bocklevel elements like an image in there and your code is invalid ;P

SQL support (and I think I speak for all the hackers here) will never be implemented. It's too much of a job, will bloat the core and goes against the main merit of cutenews: Flat files. An update on the methods cutenews uses for storing data in its flat files, on the other hand, is probably needed.

Auto Archives is implemented as a plugin by Thox for pfork and ajfork. Could ofcourse be done as a part of the core, but thing is, this bloats it with stuff people don't need - and increases sometimes already staggering server resource usage. Plugins, on the other hand, arent' parsed unless they're enabled through the plugin interface. Which means you could just ignore them if you don't use them. Even delete them to save space.

I dread the day I'll release 168 with friendly urls. I've tried making it as point and click-usable as possible, but with the thousands of different server setups out there (some of which won't be able to support this feature at all), We're looking at ENDLESS amounts of support requests for this plugin. Heck, even Will had problems with it initially.

Including this in vanilla is a sure-fire way to get the forums flooded tongue
Jeg kjører plugin her;

AJFork has a rss2-valid feed for news, and 168 will most likely ship with an RSS plugin that currently spits out one rss2-valid feed of news and one of comments. Configurable through Options -> RSS Options. Templates for each entry will be hardcoded so people don't get the chance to fsck it up and come whining here for support for something they managed to break.

I'm wholeheartedly against any form of censoring, so Word-banning features are probably best left for vanilla CN. I don't even like the flood protection much.

Latest comments was originally an addon for cutenews that I ripped into AjFork and improved a bit. I think it's still in the addon section on

Check the example files for a demo of search.php usage included into a normal page.

this post was for CN versions that not have wysiwygs.
If you don't use the wysiwyg this post might still be usefull.

A common problem for new users is when they post an item that has both plain text and html. Cutenews works in a way that converts all new lines in the textbox where you enter news to

Say you have the following post:

Today I went out fishing, here's some photos from the trip:


Nice photos, huh?

By default, this will be the code cutenews outputs when showing the news:

Today I went out fishing, here's some photos from the trip:





Nice photos, huh?

Now, that'd add lots of excess newlines you didn't intend to have in your post. To solve this problem, you should make sure you do the following when using using html in your news: Click the [options] link and make sure the checkbox about "convert newlines to
" isn't checked while "use html in this post is checked".

That should remove all the excess whitespace, but you'll now also have to place the non-html text inside <p> tags, ie "<p>Today I went out fishing, here's some photos from the trip:</p>"

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